Monday, 1 October 2012

Questions for Book Clubs ~

Tonight the Quay Book Club will be discussing 'Ride the Wings of Morning'.

Here are a few questions from the author:

1. 'Ride the Wings of Morning' has been put together from letters sent between Sophie, who was travelling in Southern Africa, and her family back in Europe. Do you think this works as a format?

2. This is a true story. How much does that matter?  How would you feel if you were told it was a novel?

3. Being real life there are hundreds of characters. Who was your favorite? Which relationships interested you most?

4. If it was a novel the narrative would probably be stronger, there would be a plot and probably more romance. Real life panned out in a different way. Did you still find it a satisfying read?

5. There are about 240 illustrations in the paperback - more in the Kindle version where many are in colour. Do you like the idea of illustrated books for adults?

6. What age groups do you think would most enjoy the book?

7. Would you recommend this book as holiday reading or a for someone ill in bed?

8. Do you think this book would make a good gift?

9. Did you prefer it to the prequel, 'Funnily Enough'?

If you have any questions you can add to the list please use the Comments box below.


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