Monday, 11 May 2020

Riding Horses Across Africa

The dream of riding with giraffe, amongst herds of zebra

and wild animals considered dangerous, such as white rhino

Sophie Neville with white rhino

became a reality when I took part in 

Author Sophie Neville with giraffe

The 5th Waterberg Trust Challenge Ride.

The aim was to cross seven different game reserves in six days

with a group of thirteen riders.

We covered a variety of terrain

from stony ridges to valleys chocked with reeds. 

We climbed rocky paths high in the hills

before descending though thick vegetation in the heat of the day.

I looked back, finding it difficult to believe we had managed to walk the horses down the Buffelshoek escarpment.

Author Sophie Neville on horseback

We were able to spot a variety of antelope

including oryx and Livingstone eland

and covered 208 kilometres at some speed.

Author Sophie Neville in the Waterberg

The finish at Jembisa game reserve on the Palala River.

Sophie Neville writer

The sponsored ride was held in aid of The Waterberg Trust who support a number of community projects in the area and provide high-tech anti-poaching equipment for Save The Waterberg Rhino.

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