Thursday, 26 September 2013

Riding into the Andes Mountains

Breakfast on the mountain side.

Looking forward to the day ahead.

Horses tacked up

and away.

riding in a land where fences are few 

colours are vibrant and condors soar 

Nigel Harvey is looking for riders to join a group hoping to ride across the Andes early next year. If you are interested please contact Ride Worldwide

Saturday, 21 September 2013

Towards the Andes, on a horse

Photo by Sophie Neville

So, you want to ride across the Andes?

Photo by Sophie Neville

You need a horse like this,

a headcollar,


Photo by Sophie Neville

one of these saddles,

and a trustworthy guide.

I decided I'd better wear a hot weather helmet.

By lunchtime I looked like this.

But  the food was good,

the scenery interesting

and the experience unforgettable.

Photo by Sophie Neville

If you would like to ride across the Andes 
They have space on a ride going early next year.