Thursday, 19 May 2011

Ride the Wings of Morning ~ Comments

“No one else has written a travel book for girls nor one that compares life back here with the precarious existence Sophie leads in Africa.   I was in WH Smiths looking through the travel section and thought, ‘Her book should be here...’”

“It’ll sell because it’s funny; we need another Gerald Durrell.”

      “It seems an obvious format - to write a travel book from letters that made their way back to England - but I haven’t seen it done before. While it makes for light reading you get drawn into the warmth of the relationship between the three sisters and are carried along by the immediacy of their news, certainly by the romance. It’s contrived but that’s acceptable because it works.” 
      “Oh, but they are real letters.”
      “You meant it’s all true?”
       “Good grief.”

“…the content runs deeper than descriptions of far distant places. Today’s readers need that. You weren’t just travelling around Africa for the sake of writing a book, you were living there. When you go into the Namib it’s to paint, when you ride elephants through the Okavango its because you’re setting up a documentary… people love hearing about making television programmes and no one has written about horse safaris yet, so you’ve got original subject matter. Everyone loves animal stories.” 

“This is an inspiring piece, grounded in real life.”

The author

Once a television director Sophie Neville is now an established wildlife artist. Known for playing Titty in the feature film Swallows and Amazons she has not stopped leading an adventurous and inspiring life.

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